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JUSTaarogyam.com Services

Now quickly search for a doctor in the vicinity, filter search results by location, specialty, clinic and areas of interest and get quicker, precise information. Finding a doctor was never so easy before!

Standing in queues to get a doctor’s appointment is passé! JustAarogyam.com enables you to view your doctor’s calendar, see available time-slots for appointments and lets you book your own appointment with a click! And if this wasn’t enough, get instant alerts once your doctor accepts the appointment and get reminders at pre-defined intervals before the appointment, so you are never late for one.

Remember those bulky folders you maintained to keep a record of the health of your family? You need them no more! JustAarogyam.com enables you to store and share allergies, past medical records, case papers, prescriptions etc. within the system so that you have access to your data anytime, anywhere without needing to deal with a sheaf of paper.

JustAarogyam.com is conceptualized and developed with a vision to bring healthcare services to your door-step. Now get lab tests done at home and diagnostic results and medicines delivered at your door-step through our affiliated service providers, that too at discounted rates!

JustAarogyam.com is also available as an easy-to-use mobile app ensuring that you have access to the system on the go! Life just got simpler and mobile for the better!

Have a doctor’s appointment? Don’t worry about missing it! Get SMS/ Email alerts regarding appointments and other communication and always stay in-tune with your own healthcare.

Now keep a check on your vitals on-the-go. JustAarogyam.com integrates well with wearable devices and health & fitness apps, enabling you to share your vitals with your doctors anytime, anywhere. JustAarogyam.com is a smart system designed by doctors themselves, so every time your vitals are out of the recommended range, the system pops an alert that draws your attention towards it and enables you to take corrective steps.

You can pick and choose who can view your medical records. JustAarogyam.com comes with in-built access controls which make your data visible only to those you choose.

Get more insights through our analytics! JustAarogyam.com enables you to monitor your vitals and the trends recorded over a period of time, thus giving you better information and enhanced preparedness about your health conditions.

Staying connected just got to another level! No matter what time of the day, irrespective of where you are, you are always connected to the service providers through JustAarogyam.com. Just log on and choose the specific healthcare provider from the menu options and have them cater to you as soon as they can.

How it Works

User Registration & Appointment
Doctor Registration & Appointment
Treatment Process & Service Provider Involvement

About JUSTaarogyam.com

India’s first of its kind, JustAarogyam.com is a cloud-based comprehensive and innovative Healthcare solution for Doctors, Users and other Healthcare providers, thus bringing the entire healthcare ecosystem on a single, unified, robust platform.

Our Story

What if you need your case papers for an injury you sustained two years ago? What if your kid needs urgent medical attention while you are away at work? What if you lose your MRI scan? What if you do not remember the drug you were deemed allergic to? What if you are new to the locality and need urgent medical attention? What if your mother needs home nursing care but you can’t find one?

These are common issues we face every day. Despite technology advancement, our healthcare remains largely neglected. We still need to get in long queues for taking a doctor’s appointment, then run to get the prescribed medicines from one place, run the lab tests at another, come back to collect them, get in queues again to take an appointment for the follow up and the cycle continues!

We thought of ways to provide simple and easy access to healthcare. We are passionate about technology and believe that it is the most important factor while we set to re-invent the wheel in the way healthcare services are accessible in India. JustAarogyam.com is our people-empowering, society-driven initiative to help people live healthier, longer and better.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to simplify access to healthcare for the people by providing a single source of Electronic Health Records with high accuracy & ease of use. Justaarogyam.com’s Smart device enabled technology platform will help collaborate with all the healthcare service providers in the country. We strive to provide Value-added healthcare services for senior citizens, differently-abled, the ailing as well as the masses at their door-steps.

Our Mission

Enable cost-effective access to healthcare services for the people and thus bring value for the society
Provide secured source for maintaining Electronic Medical Records including 24X7 uninterrupted access from anywhere
Increase efficiency and accuracy in maintenance of history of the users for future reference
Provide technologically advanced  platform to bring together all the Healthcare stake holders seamlessly

Contact Us

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c/o Eternus Solutions Private Limited
NSG IT Park, Aundh, Pune- 411007(India)
Phone: +91 (20) - 60605053/ 54

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